food cart

Bcf-08 food cart is an updated version of BCF-06. Compared to the BCF-06, it has more space. For this reason, we installed a dual alxis for the BCF-08 food cart, which is more stable and safe to run. If the BCF-06 does not meet your operating space in the car, or if you need more catering equipment, then this food cart is your best choice.

  • Specifications
  • Standard configuration
  • Optional configuration
  1. Body Dimension: 3500*2000*2500mm
  2. Tyres:MAXXIS 155/65R13
  3. Weight: 900kg (empty)
  4. Body Material: Fiber Glass and steel sheet
  5. Color: Can be customized
  6. VIN: Available
  7. Certification: CE
  8. Application field: Bakery, Snake food, Ice cream
  1. Body: fiberglass and double color steel plate.
  2. Double stainless steel working counters and cabinet with doors
  3. Wash sink,  clean water tank, waste water tank, water pump and pipes.
  4. Electricity system
  5. Non-slip aluminum floor
  6. Standard axle and 4 wheels with drum brake or electromagnetic brake
  7. 4 jacks
  8. Standard tow bar
  1. Australian standard tow bar, wash system, and taillights connector
  2. American standard wash system and taillights connector
  3. Ditachable glass showcase
  4. Germany coupling with a handbrake
  5. LED lights on the front service window
  6. transportation box on the tow bar



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