electric Retro food truck

The retro food truck is a new product developed by our company in 2019. Based on the classic retro design, we made improvements. Both the shape and the structural layout have been highly praised by customers.

This model catering food van can be equipped with an electric motor for close-up street food sales, and all standard accessories can be customized according to different country standards.

We will design the internal settings together with you to ensure that this food van fully meet the needs of your food sales business.

This kind of food truck is very suitable for multi-use, and it is a beautiful landscape in parks, shopping malls, and scenic natrual spots.

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Food truck features

electric food truck


In terms of overall body material selection, we adopt the most advanced composite carbon fiber in the world, making the overall food truck lighter and stronger.


This food truck can be installed with more energy-saving and environmentally-friendly electric motors. The driving area can be adjusted on the right/left according to your need.

food truck led lights


In the choice of window lighting fixtures, we use high-quality LED lights, evenly distributed, and bright enough to attract customers and win opportunities.

food truck working counter


All the basic accessories and optional accessories of this food truck are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, giving you a comfortable and clean working environment.

Specification of retro food truck

Please check here to find the basic configuration and upgrade configuration that can be provided for this food truck

Thoughtful ideas


We are located in north of China, welcome to visit us. Check our location

We ship to the world directly.

Yes, the battery and electric engine can be fixed for short distance driving.

The Engine and battery are optional, the basic configuration do not contain them.

It depends.

The regulations in each country are different, please check your local regualtions before purchasing.

We provide an engine of 4kw if request.

The mileage of this food truck will be around 40-60km, mainly determined by the battery volume and temperature.

The speed will be up to 50km/h

Sure, If you are not in the food business, absolutaly you can purchase the body for displaying.

The manufacturing time of this food truck will be around 25 days.

Sure, please fill in the below form discriping your demands, we will help you for a professional layout drawing.


This food truck body is made of carbon fiber, the body is a whole unit mould, the dimension of this food truck can not be modified.

If your business request longer and bigger space, we do suggest to have a check of our Food trailers

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